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Yotribe is a global community of young learners, that offers a safe and engaging space to the members. It’s a sort of social network for teenagers, focused on learning and self-development. The Yotribers gain access to a treasure trove of interesting content, learning events and courses, enabling them to build critical life-skills and preparing them to succeed in any career path they choose. These life skills are critical in today’s global knowledge economy.

Professor Richard Elmore of Harvard University has put forth four learning modes in his research, of which the ‘Distributed-Collective’ is the most effective and natural mode for learning. It assumes that learners can learn without a hierarchical structure and that the learning is enhanced and motivated by networks of common interests. Yotribe is based on the ‘Distributed Collective’ model, where teenagers assume leadership roles to drive various activities of the community. To make learning fun and to maximize the learning outcomes – Yotribe follows a PEPS approach –

  • PersonalizedLiberal learning space, where learners choose what they want to learn, how they want to learn it, and from whom.
  • ExperientialEmphasis on practical application rather than theory.
  • Playful – Fun and gamified environment to learn and grow.
  • SocialCollective learning approach, encouraging peer to peer learning.

A variety of cohort-based workshops and educational programs are offered on Yotribe, by experts and practitioners from around the world. The courses are aimed to develop both hard and soft skills, such as entrepreneurship, photography, sustainable living, design thinking, blog writing, and lots more.

Empowering Gen-Next with 21st-Century life-skills!

Progressing schools around the world are partnering with us

Through the variety of activities on Yotribe, teenagers are encouraged to become global, socially-responsible citizens. They practice to Think, Imagine and Solve. Progressive schools around the world are partnering with Yotribe, specially to offer our experiential entrepreneurship programs to their students.

School Leader / Parent Testimonials

Yotribe is a powerful concept, one of its kind. It helped my son to discover his entrepreneurial potential at this young age.


Enrolled my 13-year-old in this program & I was impressed with the outcome. The key point was their ways of guiding & empowering kids with their own ideas and not spoon-feeding. The experience helped kids in shaping their ideas n executing it. That’s how Yotribe is helping our young curious monkey minds.